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Our state of the art facilities are housed in a 40,000 square foot building in Melbourne Florida. Our Complete services allow us to take any job from start to finish. Our in house abilities include layout, design, sculpting and die making, processing of precious and non precious metal, and stock tooling of different shapes and sizes, plus packaging and fulfillment services.

Art Department
Our art department offers a wide array of services. We are able to take your concepts and ideas and create layouts for your approval. Artwork can also be submitted whether it be photographs, black and white line art, or drawings. Our artists will then create layouts and designs and our graphics department will illustrate what your coin will look like.

Our in house sculptors then painstakingly sculpt your designs first in clay then in hard plaster working on a base that is six to ten times larger than the actual coin until the right image is captured.

The plaster sculpt is then converted to a rubber mold and reducing machines replicate the artwork by cutting the image on the sculpt into steel dies. In order to produce a coin in the shape and size of your choice the corresponding tooling is required. Our wide array of stock tooling allows us the flexibility to offer you sizes ranging from 10mm to over 3.5 inches at no additional cost to you.

Once the material is chosen it is blanked out to the corresponding size, and rolled to the appropriate thickness. The blank is then cleaned using a multi-step process that includes burnishing and ultra sound cleaning before it is put in the press to be struck.

Coins can be made to different heights of relief. To produce higher relief coins not only requires thicker material but greater tonnage or capacity of the press to move the material to the desired height. Our presses range from 350 tons to 1600 tons (3.2 million pounds per square inch) allowing us the ability to strike any dimension or thickness required, a flexibility that is second to none in the industry.

Our coining presses range from high speed (500 coins a minute) to manual feed machines. Budget and desired quality determines the type of machinery chosen to complete your job. If a perfect finish (proof) is required the output rate is greatly reduced which results in a higher per piece cost. However if all that is required is a token or a struck piece (bullion) then a high speed machine would suffice resulting in a much lower cost.

Besides the different quality strikes available we also offer a wide range of finishes. We are able to antique, brush, lacquer, or offer proof like variations of the same coin.

Our in house tool and die shop possess the necessary equipment and skilled craftsman to offer you complete service that can quickly satisfy any of your requirements.

Our large inventory of non precious metals and our ability to melt and process silver means that we usually stock the material necessary to complete your job. We also offer a wide array of packaging alternatives to suite any budget or taste. We have the ability to provide standard boxes from our own inventory or custom designed wood and or leather boxes of various shapes or sizes. For jobs that require lesser packaging we can seal your coin in a soft plastic pouch for a nominal fee.