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Appraisal For Sports Memorabilia

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If you’re looking to find the value of your sports collectibles, consider getting an appraisal from an accredited sports memorabilia appraisal service. These companies offer full appraisal reports by credentialed professionals, giving you a comprehensive evaluation of your items.

Finding an accredited appraiser means looking for one with a certification from either the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), or the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). Choosing an appraiser that is also certified by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) will help you get an appraisal that is valid in a court of law and for insurance purposes. There are also free appraisal services available online to get a quick estimate of your item’s value.

Whether you are just curious about the price or if you need an appraisal for insurance coverage on your items, here are the top sports memorabilia appraisal services to choose from.

Best Sports Memorabilia Appraisal Services

Best Overall: Leila Dunbar Appraisals & Consulting, LLC

Leila Dunbar Appraisals

Why We Chose It: Leila Dunbar offers full-service appraisals for insurance and tax purposes, inclusive of most types of sports collectibles available today.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
  • Full-service custom appraisals for single items or whole collections

  • Member of the AAA and the ISA

  • Several decades working in the appraisal industry, with a focus on sports memorabilia

  • Works as an appraiser on “Antiques Roadshow”

  • Cannot submit appraisal online

  • Only way to contact is via email or social media

Leila Dunbar is a one-stop shop for sports memorabilia appraisals, including estates, archives, and single items. Dunbar's company has appraised the collections and estates of some of the most iconic sports heroes of the last century, a list that includes baseball Hall of Famer Babe Ruth, basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and boxing champion Muhammad Ali.

Dunbar's thorough appraisal reports are considered valid for insurance coverage and claims, non-cash charitable donations, and estate tax determination.

Dunbar has been appraising sports memorabilia for several decades and has been a mainstay on the PBS show “Antiques Roadshow” since 1996. She is also the former senior vice president and director of Sotheby’s collectibles department, selling more than $75 million in items during her time there.

Prices for appraisal services vary. To get a quote, you can email Dunbar directly.

Best for Sports Cards: Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) Card Services

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) Card Services

Why We Chose It: The PSA is the standard for sports card grading and appraisal services. With over 40 million cards and collectibles certified, PSA has appraised a total value in excess of $1 billion.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
  • Industry standard for sports card grading and valuation

  • PSA certification is the only card-grading service that offers a guarantee

  • Online pricing guide to get an idea of what your card may be valued at

  • Provides letter of appraisal and authenticity with every service

  • Seamless process to submit cards online

  • Cannot get an appraisal unless the item is already PSA certified

The Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) company has been a leader in the sports card and memorabilia industry since its inception in 1991. It has created the industry standard with its card grading services and has expanded its operations to offer certified appraisal services for many types of sports memorabilia.

To get an appraisal for your sports memorabilia, first, submit your item(s) for PSA grading. Once graded, submit the item(s) for appraisal services. Since the PSA will only appraise items that it has certified, their authenticity and accuracy are valid in a court of law and for insurance purposes.

PSA offers a tiered pricing structure for both grading and appraisal, depending on the value of the item submitted. For sports card appraisal, pricing starts at $200 for a value of $2,000 minimum, up to $1,000 for a value of $100,000+.

To get started with a PSA appraisal, create a free account and submit your items for grading.

Best Free Online Appraisals: Lelands Sports Memorabilia and Card Appraisals

Lelands Sports Memorabilia and Card Appraisals

Why We Chose It: Lelands offers a simple, no-obligation appraisal online. Simply submit a description of the item, upload up to two pictures, and receive a free appraisal within a week.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
  • Very simple online submission form

  • Submit as many free items as you want

  • Long history in the sports appraisal industry

  • Free appraisals are not valid for insurance purposes

Lelands has been a premier sports memorabilia auction house and appraiser since 1985. It has facilitated the appraisal and sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of sports collectibles over the years.

Online appraisal submissions offer collectors a free way to get a ballpark value of their sports memorabilia. Since the free appraisals are a statement of opinion (and not for insurance purposes), the company can turn them around fairly quickly, usually within three to five business days.

Lelands is also an auction house, which can be handy for collectors who are looking to sell their items after they are appraised.

To get a free appraisal, submit the details of your item using the company's online submission form.

Best for Estate Appraisals: Bob & Sally Connelly Appraisals and Estate Sales

Bob & Sally Connelly Appraisals

Why We Chose It: Bob Connelly offers professional appraisal services that can provide accurate valuations for sports collectibles in an estate auction.

What We Like What We Don’t Like
  • Works extensively with government and insurance agencies

  • AAA and ASA member

  • Several decades as a professional appraiser

  • Specializes in estate auctions

  • Simple online form to get started

  • Website is outdated and clunky

Bob Connelly is a professional appraiser and holds the title of accredited senior appraiser at the American Society of Appraisers. He has been valuing collectibles and sports memorabilia for several decades and offers custom appraisal services for his clients.

Connelly provides full appraisal reports that follow the USPAP guidelines. These reports are considered valid in court and are accepted by banks, insurance companies, and even the IRS.

Connelly specializes in helping appraise sports memorabilia for estate sales and auctions, ensuring that the collectibles are priced appropriately.

To get a quote for an appraisal service, fill out the inquiry form on Connelly's website.

⚡ Final Verdict

With many options to get an appraisal for your sports memorabilia collection, finding the right service depends on your goals. If you are simply wanting a fair market price for your items, using a free online service can give you a quick idea of what your collection is worth. If you need an accredited appraisal for insurance or tax purposes, finding a certified appraiser will give you official documentation that you can use for these purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Insure My Sports Memorabilia?

Once you have an accredited appraisal, you can insure your collection through your existing homeowner’s insurance policy. You will need to add a rider to your policy to cover the total value of your memorabilia.

Another option is to get a stand-alone insurance policy for your items. There are several companies that offer insurance for collectibles and rare items. These policies may offer more flexibility for coverage than a homeowner’s policy, as well as little or no deductible.

How Do I Sell My Sports Collectibles?

There are several ways to sell your sports memorabilia, both online and in-person. There are many online auction houses available to list and sell your items; the most popular is Heritage Auctions.

There are also local places to sell your collectibles, including sports card shops and consignment stores. These places may not give you the best value, however, as they are in the business of finding deals and selling your items for profit.

How We Chose the Best Sports Memorabilia Appraisal Services

We compared the top appraisal companies by looking at customer reviews, service offerings, and industry notoriety. All of the paid appraisal services on our list are accredited by the AAA, ASA, or ISA. We’ve included both free and paid offerings with a variety of services to help you choose a company that will fit your specific appraisal goals.