The Highland Mint is a full-service mint that was established in the early 1980's. With State-of-the-Art facilities housed in a 50,000 square foot building in Melbourne, Florida, our complete services allow us to take any job from start to finish. In-house abilities include layout and design, sculpting and die making, processing of precious and non-precious metals, and stock tooling of different shapes and sizes, state of the art matting, framing, and printing plus packaging and fulfillment services.

Custom Minting

We are vertically integrated with our wide array of stock tooling we can offer sizes from 10mm to over 3.5 inches at no additional charge, and our presses range from 350 tons psi to 1600 tons psi (3.2 million pounds of pressure per square inch). This gives us the ability to strike any dimension or thickness required, a flexibility that is second to none in the industry.  Our in-house tool and die makers have the necessary skills and equipment to offer complete service to quickly satisfy any needs.  Our inventory of non-precious metals, along with our ability to melt and process silver means that we usually have stock of the material needed to complete jobs right at our fingertips. The Highland Mint is an ISO 9001 certified Mint.

Custom Framing

Our framing capabilities are extensive allowing us to customize frames and matting combined with or without coins to meet any quantity or budget. All our components are made in the USA therefore our lead times are short, and our minimums are low. Once again, we are vertically integrated in this area from design and printing to the finished product.

We also offer a wide variety of packaging alternatives to suit any budget or taste. Our fulfillment center can handle any job, big or small, including credit card processing and multiple shipments, along with serialization and continuity programs. Updated computer systems allow us to receive orders in any format and automatically upload shipping information.

Officially Licensed

The Highland Mint is proud to be officially licensed by the NFL, NFLPA, MLB, MLBPA, NHL, NHLPA, NBA, NBPA, NFL Alumni, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, The National Baseball Hall of Fame, College Licensing, Navy, Marines and NASA to name a few. Fun fact, we mint the coin used for the "Coin Toss" for every NFL game, as well as the Super Bowl since 1993, therefore "The Game Doesn't Start without Us"!


All of The Highland Mint products are created with the finest craftmanship possible.  Every Product is subject to strict quality control parameters and proudly Made in the USA.