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Official Super Bowl LVIII Game (Flip) Coin plus more Framed Memorabilia & Limited Edition Collectibles

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2023 NFL roster signature frames

Limited edition 12"x20" frames featuring facsimile signatures provided by the NFLPA

Are you a fan of the NFL and looking for a way to show your passion and support for your favorite team or player? Do you want to own a piece of history and relive the memorable moments of the game? If so, you might be interested in football memorabilia and collectibles by Highland Mint, the official manufacturer of the Super Bowl game coin and other licensed products.

What is Football Memorabilia?

Football memorabilia is an umbrella term for any merchandise or collectible item that commemorates a specific team, player, or game in professional and college leagues. This can include everything from trading cards, autographs, jerseys, helmets, cleats, posters, and more. Football memorabilia is a way for fans to connect with the sport and celebrate its history, legends, and achievements.

Is NFL Collectibles Worth Anything?

NFL collectibles can range in value from a few cents for the cheapest cards, to well over $3 million for an autographed Tom Brady card from 2000. Some variables that affect a card’s value include the player on the card, the rarity of the card, autographs, the card’s condition and the football card market.

The value of NFL collectibles is not only determined by their monetary worth, but also by their sentimental and historical significance. For many collectors, owning a piece of NFL memorabilia is a way to express their fandom, preserve their memories, and honor their heroes. NFL collectibles can also be a source of pride, joy, and inspiration for fans of all ages.

Who Buys Football Memorabilia?

Football memorabilia is bought by a wide range of people, from casual fans to serious collectors, from individuals to institutions. Some of the reasons why people buy football memorabilia are:

  • To display their loyalty and support for their favorite team or player
  • To enhance their home or office decor with attractive and unique items
  • To diversify their investment portfolio and potentially profit from the rising demand and prices of football memorabilia
  • To gift their friends or family members who are also fans of the sport
  • To donate to charities or causes that are related to football or sports in general
  • To research and learn more about the history and culture of football and its impact on society

Highland Mint and Football Collectibles

Highland Mint is a leading producer of high-quality football memorabilia and collectibles that are officially licensed by the NFL and other sports leagues. Highland Mint is the proud manufacturer of the official Super Bowl game coin, which is used for the coin toss before the start of the game and is also available for purchase by fans. Highland Mint also offers a variety of other products, such as:

  • Framed photo mints that feature images of players, teams, stadiums, and championships, along with authentic coins, tickets, or signatures
  • Bronze, silver, or gold coins that showcase the logos, colors, and names of teams, players, or events
  • Acrylic or wood blocks that display 3D images of players, helmets, or trophies
  • Desk top displays that hold game-used footballs, helmets, or jerseys, along with coins or certificates of authenticity
  • Canvas prints that capture the action and emotion of the game in vivid colors and details

Highland Mint products are made in the USA with premium materials and craftsmanship, and are limited in quantity and individually numbered to ensure their exclusivity and value. Highland Mint products are perfect for any football fan who wants to own a piece of the game and display it with pride and style.